EDIT: Check out the updated article with full out color and corrections!  https://snsdkorean.wordpress.com/2009/08/14/tiffany-character-update/

Couldn’t help but share this after I stumbled across it on some Korean forum. Let’s just say you know you’ve made it big when people are willing to make custom action figures in your liking. Don’t believe me? Pictures tell a 1000 words, so I’ll let these do the talking (That, and my Korean’s pretty poor, so I’m pretty much lost in translation here)

From this:


To this:

LOL at the random cat in b/g

All I can say is the quality is actually pretty awesome, and it does capture her figure and likeness for sure. I wish I had more info to provide regarding availablity, color scheme, price, and whether or not other models of the rest of the girls will be available, but if somebody here can translate the article, or send it over to the folks at soshified who are willing to translate the article itself, we all win.

The article is located here: http://dvdprime.paran.com/bbs/view.asp?major=ME&minor=E1&master_id=207&bbsfword_id=&master_sel=&fword_sel=&SortMethod=&SearchCondition=&SearchConditionTxt=&bbslist_id=1558482&page=1

Credits: http://dvdprime.paran.com/bbs/view.asp?major=ME&minor=E1&master_id=207&bbsfword_id=&master_sel=&fword_sel=&SortMethod=&SearchCondition=&SearchConditionTxt=&bbslist_id=1558482&page=1