Haha, yes the JeNy Baby Making Series is what Maria likes to call Hello Baby.  I know everyone is waiting patiently for all the snsd videos to be sub, but why can’t we cheat and watch small cuts that are subbed? LOL anyway, for whoever that can’t wait for the whole episode and just want some subs right now, I found some short cuts from Hello Baby that are subbed ! Horray for subs!

Anyway, enough talking! Here are the videos!

oh and btw, if you can’t see the sub, you have to turn on the caption which is on the far right? of the youtube little bar thing haha x] hope this helps

JeNy fight:

Worst Mom:

YoonYul’s Baby Bath:

Sunny’s acting:


Sica’s Cramp:

And last but not least, why not some Fake Sub of JeNy?


Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy all these short subbed cuts that I have found!

credit: aienbest@youtube  sunnyshidae@youtube  CatchCatCast@youtube  Greenbox0@youtube