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Hmm, I wonder if that’s how she makes it. Whatever, I just needed a title that would relate Don Jess and Underboss Yuri together as they made the Top 5 to some Show Station poll.

And yes, it’s another perverted poll XD it doesn’t surprise me anymore why Asians have this stereotypes of being weird perverts. Guess this explains everything about me then, right? LOL JUST KIDDING!!

Hmm, I’m confused
as to why they think Jessica’s body looks hottest NOW as opposed to before. I mean, Baby Baby days compared to Tell Me Your Wish Genie days? I’m not saying her body doesn’t looks hot now, it still looks good to me (however, any skinnier and I’m referring her to a nutritionist). Actually, I think her body looked best during the ‘in between’ days of Baby Baby and Gee. Meh whatever, I’m just getting technical.

But I’m happy they said Yuri because I really think she’s easily got top 3 when it comes to SNSD bodies (with no bias to who my favorites are).

Wait…Yuri… You’re the Underboss, can you put in a good word for me with the Don? I don’t want to die, okay? Thanks!

Credit: ssfsubs @YT

P.S. Health freaks for the win! Yuri, we should get together with Park Bom and make our >>own club.<<