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A recent poll was launched, asking netizens to vote which girl group member had the sexiest leg line. Needless to say, two SNSD members topped the list. The obvious one being Sooyoung, known as the tallest girl of the group with long and skinny legs. The other one would be Yuri. Yuri came in first place with Sooyoung coming in at third. Park Bom of 2NE1 was second place and fourth place went to 4minute’s Hyunah. 
I personally thought Soo was going to be first but it makes sense too that Yuri made first. Lil more juicy ya know?
I apologize really..I have just come to realizations that the team (well more like Maria and maybe me..just maybe me) make them good girls go bad with our posts. Sigh. 
(for those who actually check out the song in the link, that’s leighton meester for you singing the girl parts. Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. love her.)