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We informed you earlier that our beloved oompha loompha leadah >>kid leadah, fell ill<< on the 26th after the SBS Inkigayo performance.

Although she was sent to the hospital because of another fainting episode, high fever, and tonsillitis, SNSD continued their fanmeetings that they’ve been holding for the past two weeks or so. This particular fanmeet below was held on the 27th

I find it weird that it’s always TaeYeon having to go to the emergency room. Really weird. Maybe she’s anemic…

My theory is she doesn’t drink enough water (she’s even admitted it herself) so she gets dehydrated and the toxins don’t get flushed out as efficiently from her system. I think Korean celebrities in general go to the hospital when they feel sick, and even as a preventive measure. It sounds bad to say they were hospitalized but it’s really like just a cold or something.

Zoolander @JPHIP

Here are other fancams:

Credit: iPOMZ @YT