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C.E.O., founder, and producer for SM Entertainment, Lee Soo Man, is Big Money Ballin’ thanks to his genius skills and the talent of his entertainers.

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The video talks about how stocks are rising, thanks to SNSD, BoA, and Kangta.

SNSD, Lee Soo Man’s latest girl group has done it again! This group if nine not only have made Korean Girl Group history, but have done a lot of Soo Man and SM Entertainment. Though the group faced many trials, they still did their best and now are constantly rewarded with many praises.

Lee Soo Man has stated before that the raise in yearly profits are due to not only BoA, but to SNSD. If you’re a Kpop buff, then you know that Soo Man has not had much luck with girl groups in the past. His only successful female group was a trio by the name of S.E.S., whom SNSD has done many song covers of on radio shows. However, after a fairly quick split up, girl groups in not only his entertainment company but as well as Korea as a whole, have never done so well.

That is of course until SNSD came, whose popularity increasingly soars with each promotional activity. And now s reported, stock shares in SM have sky rocketed thanks to his latest girl group. It’s definitely something new to be making so much from a girl group in Korea.

Kangta, the ‘King’, also has continuing stock raises even while being in the military for his mandatory 2 year service. The ‘Queen B’, BoA, a stock holder in SM Entertainment also contributes to SM’s stocks with her continuing career all over the globe but thanks to >>her girls,<< she can sit still, relax, and still make that money. But of course, that would never happen even though she owns over 100,000 shares in one of the biggest music companies in South Korea.

i think they were talking about their annual earnings.
hers [BoA’s] went from 16 million won to 44 million won.

and in her interview she said,
“im very happy, through SM i have gained a lot. I am very thankful”

something along those lines~

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I’m surprised there wasn’t a mention about DBSK or Super Junior… hmm.

Credit: Prot0908 @YT