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WE WON, Suckaz!


Some of you may be wondering or may be completely clueless about SNSD and their awards. Some of you might not even care. Meh, I pretty much already don’t (care) considering that the girls have broken so many records already and that they’ve secured a spot for themselves in not only today’s industry but in Kpop history as well.

But oh, the SNSD drama starts once again?

Whatever my views are on SNSD and what interests and disinterests me about the situation, I can’t help it if my curiousity is tickled once in a while. And so, I just had to ask. The two answers I got were interesting, though somewhat predictable and logical, considering everything that’s happened.

And so I asked

So I think the new thing now is 2NE1 vs SNSD. I’m happy that fans on both sides this time are at least bearable and not being rude. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just watch a bunch of YouTube videos or go on news sites and read some comments. Anyway, what’s up with this M!Countdown [business]? People have been comparing SNSD and 2NE1 saying 2NE1 is better because they won and haven’t even performed for M!Countdown yet….. Uh….. Don’t people know there’s a reason why SNSD hasn’t performed there in almost a year? And I didn’t even think that M!Countdown even still counted SM artists lol [as in, they don’t exist to Mnet]. Wtf is going on? I feel like a Kpop newb for not knowing.

to which Tama Mama @JPHIP replied

The girls were up for the award once, I think. They were against 2PM and were lost by, like, less than a point or something .

I never expected Genie to win all that much anyway because of all the competition. They could’ve won 2 in a row if it wasn’t for the album postponement because of the cover. Oh well, 1 is okay, I guess. I’m starting to think that SM doesn’t care about awards for the group anymore as long as they still can make them big bucks, what’s with the rumour about the new album coming (that it might cancel out Gee for Golden Disk awards and if it comes out after Oct, it won’t be counted for this year’s nor next year’s awards either).

and Zoolander replied

SNSD ain’t gonna win M!Countdown. Suju won a couple times but I think they were more amiable with them since they were hosts of the show for so long.

Honestly I think Mnet likes to mess with them. They weren’t even nominated for the top 2 with Gee until more than 2 months after the song came out. Then all the sudden they put them against Kara and they lost by one point. Then the last couple weeks they lost to 2pm by less than one point. The charts somehow even had 2pm with double their physical album sales when pretty clearly SNSD had more. (Oh geez, I better not even get into the bull of Taeyeon not winning best OST song at MKMF)

It’s awesome that people recognize the power of girl groups. 2ne1 were probably the most anticipated girl group of all time and have definitely lived up to the hype and SNSD has become extremely popular even among the general public.

I quoted these two because not only do I agree with everything they say about 2NE1 and SNSD (in fact, I’ve said them all before) but I’d like to think they’re pretty well-informed about Kpop and especially about SNSD. Unlike me who doesn’t bother to thoroughly inspect drama :p But yes, I’ve noticed that M!Net really does like to mess with people. Not only are their award shows (MKMF, where I coined the term “Cindy MKMF’d the polls!”) totally bogus, but they really like to mess with people and artists. They’re picking a silly fight with SM Entertainment and they’ve been known to make their fights rather obvious. Do not get me started with the SeeYa and Nam Gyuri thing (although it was freaking hilarious how they smacked her back in the face)!

I’d hate to think that 2NE1 fans are now going to be the new ant-fans to SNSD. If so, that’s so saddening to know because YG fans, just like DSP fans, are quite mentally stable logical and not at all crazy compared to the rest. I just really can’t believe that things are turning out this way. But not about 2NE1 and SNSD win and lose thing, but I figured once the Wonder Girls went to America, their fans that may be  anti-fans of SNSD would focus on their activities and not hate on SNSD  for the time being. Same goes for DBSK while they’re in Japan. Same also goes for Super Junior who is now taking a break. If this whole “2NE1 VS. SNSD” thing started at Music Bank… I’d like to say that I understand why 2NE1 won at Music Bank. Their song I Don’t Care is more recent than Tell Me Your Wish Genie and amongst other things, 2NE1 is sticking to the cutesy image, plus a song with a catchy hook, that Korea loves so much while SNSD decided to go sexy (not sexy and cute; sexy-cute) and leave out a hook for their song- something Korea’s definitely not used to. I also can’t leave out the fact that 2NE1 is just freaking talented (yes 2NE1 YG, I’m finally starting to forgive your change in music). So really, it’s no surprise that they won and I can’t congratulate them enough.

However, what I really can’t understand is how M!Net is still able to survive without SM Entertainment. Correct me if I’m wrong, but KBS wanted to pull something similar on SM Entertainment but quickly changed their minds. Why? Because SM Entertainment is a huge factor to the Kpop Entertainment scene. You can’t deny how massive their fanbases are because of how popular their entertainers get. The fact that M!Net is still deciding to pick fights with SM Entertainment is quite interesting. I almost wonder how it’s affected viewings, ratings, endorsement revenue, and everything else a telebision network needs to survive. So yeah, it sorta interests me why M!Net continues to play these little games with everyone, especially the big cheeses.

Hmmm. Interesting. So what do you guys think?

P.S. I came home probably 20 minutes ago so… This article is pretty raw… no once over at all. Just writing as I go, as I normally do xD. And although this will probably go out tomorrow… or another day… Well, I’m still not gonna edit it LOL.