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Edit: I just noticed that this was our 2,000 published post. Thanks for sticking with SNSDKOREAN, and due continue to love, comment, and support us! Spread the love! ;_; I wish Boss Lady were here so we could celebrate.

Check this fancam out from the >>7/25 MBC Music Core<< performance of Tell Me Your Wish Genie

Haha, looks like Hyoyeon almost smacked Yuri in the face, right? I’ll be honest, I don’t watch many fancams at all. Not even the ones I post on the blog. But I watched this (probably because of the uploader and I was expecting a certain…two to be the reason why it was uploaded XD) one and it was cute.

Credit Aienbest, the best~ @YT

Question: Does anyone know why they’re wearing those outfits when in the actual performance, they’re wearing their brown uniforms…?

Oh, speaking of the lovely Aienbest… Here’s her latest video! 😀