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2 versions of the CF below!
15s Version:

(VidCredit: Prot0980@youtube)

30s Version:

(VidCredit: zippomaru@youtube)

Hmm, what do you guys think? I actually think the version 1 cf sets were better, but I’m still thrilled with this new CF anyways!

Soo only got 1 outfit, but her outfit screamed japanese uniform cuteness to me, and her red heels with redsocks were HOTHOTHOT. SeoHyun/Fany/Sunny were adorable in their pep squad uniforms, Yuri’s first solo part of the CF was sooo pretty and YoonA’s part was weird, esp with Sunny popping up and stealing but I liked it! And how cheap, they just reused the giant cake for SNSD’s MV as a prop for the CF!

Mhmm now I want some Miero Beauty drink, I’m awfully curious as to how they taste!

Check otu the two >>Behind the Scenes<< videos!