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I’ll start off with videos from inki before the 3 articles :] Video credits: CodeMonmonSeason3@YT

*edit below with some thoughts regarding Taeyeon crying

On the live broadcast of SBS “Inkigayo” in the afternoon of the 12th, SNSD won the Mutizen Song which is equivalent to the No.1 place.

After their comeback on the 29th of June with “Tell Me Your Wish” from their second mini-album and occupying the No.1 place on KBS’s “Music Bank” on the 10th, they also stood at the top of SBS “Inkigayo”.

SNSD overcame the music scene in the first half of the year by being 3 consecutive times at No.1 on Inkigayo with “Gee” and by winning up to No.1 9 consecutive times at “Music Bank”.

On this day, SNSD, 2PM, 8eight, 4Minute, 2NE1 and others appeared on “Inkigayo”.

SNSD winning Mutizen Song at “Inkigayo”, moved Taeyeon shows tears

Girl group So Nyuh Shi Dae occupied the Mutizen Song on SBS “Inkigayo”.

So Nyuh Shi Dae overcame groups like 4Minute, SHINee, V.O.S, 8eight, 2PM etc. and won the Mutizen Song which represents the No.1 place on the 12th this afternoon at the live broadcast of SBS “Inkigayo”.
After their comeback, SNSD also won the No.1 place on the 10th at KBS “Music Bank”.

SNSD said in their speech: “We thank all the fans who love So Nyuh Shi Dae. We love you”.
On the encore stage, SNSD’s leader Taeyeon was showing tears as the members and her were moved by the No.1 place.


Following “Music Bank”, national girl group So Nyuh Shi Dae conquered “Inkigayo” too.

SNSD won the Mutizen Song, which represents No.1, on the 12th of July at the live broadcast of SBS “Inkigayo” with the title track “Tell Me Your Wish” from their second mini-album. Following the No.1 place at the “Music Bank” K-Charts on the 10th and with sweeping “Inkigayo” too, they showcased the “nation’s girl group”-like power.

With that, SNSD has swept the online charts, offline charts, ringtone charts, broadcast numbers and with their No.1 place at the broadcasting charts, they gave proof of the “Tell Me Your Wish” syndrome.

According to the site “Airmonitor” which monitors the broadcast numbers, the title track “Tell Me Your Wish” from SNSD’s second mini-album occupied the 1st place from June 29th to July 4th. As soon as “Tell Me Your Wish” was released, it conquered various music sites like Melon, Dosirak, MNet, Bugs and it was No.1 on the weekly charts of the first week of July too. The song also went up to the top of the SKT ringtone weekly charts.

SNSD raised the possibility of breaking through the 100,000 sales the 3rd consecutive time with selling almost 40,000 CDs in just 1 week after their second mini album was announced. It is unusual to have sales of 40,000 CDs in 1 week for a girl group.

On this day, SNSD shook the hearts of Korea’s men with their “Hacky Sack dance” and “Beautiful legs dance”, and with an attractive dance, song and performance, they caught the viewer’s attentions. It was a performance where you could easily understand the reason why the SNSD syndrome has hit South Korea so hard.

Especially with improvements in the dance and stage after several performances, SNSD showed us to the fullest, why they have achieved the spot for South Korea’s best girl group.

Different from the times when SNSD swept the music industry with “Gee”, they’re showing a more mature side now which attracts attention among the audience and viewers. SNSD is making the hearts of all the male fans flutter with the “Hacky Sack dance”/”Beautiful legs dance” performances using their smooth leg lines. The general point is that they got more mature compared to “Gee”.

Source: SPN, Newsen, Maxmovie News
Written by Kim Yongwoon, Kim Hyungwoo
Translated by Xeth@soshified.com/forums
Edited by Soy@soshified.com/forums


What an epic & emotional win. Even the brave dorky leader cries :[ According to Allkpop, “Taeyeon cried” is already the #8 search on naver as of 5:05am (EST, July 12th), barely an hour after the event.


Seems like a bunch of people are wondering why Taeyeon cried =/

If you haven’t been following SNSD long enough, you might know this, but Taeyeon HATES attention when she’s crying. She doesn’t like to show everyone her tears (as well as weakness), the girls have said this time after time and Taeyeon knows it and most of the times when she can’t hold in the tears on stage she usually hides. The girls all know that give her space. YoonHyun, being the maknaes, obviously couldn’t just leave her be. Anyways, even I was surprised when Taeyeon was in tears, she’s always the one to hold in her emotions. I’m glad she cried though, I would really love it if Taeyeon could just freely express her emotions to not only the other girls, but the fans as well. We can spread the happiness and take in some of her sadness. The SNSD bond is stronger than people think, they know when to step in and when to give their members strength.

SNSD is making headlines left and right. I really hope Taeyeon’s health isn’t a huge concern right now, but lately it seems like she hasn’t been doing well, we can only hope for the best though. She did look like she was rather in pain during the performance. I still think it might have been monthly cramps, I actually totally forgot that the girls are complete humans like us but still perform week after week, day after day, I wouldn’t be able to do anything if I had cramps. SNSD, fighting and congrats on a solid win ^^


I did notice that Umma looked uncomfortable on stage. Usually she’s all smiley and happy, but today her expressions were different. I thought she was crying because they won on Inki. Hopefully, Umma feels better and I wish the best for her health.