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Okay, there will be no talk of Transformers 2 here because I have yet to see it. Yes, I know it was stupid of me to watch The Proposal a second time instead of watching it after Year One, but hey! I got in for free with my friends so why be picky?

Anyway, our lovely friend Aienbest did a nice little mini project for our nine girls and I thought it was cute so I had to share 🙂 It’s time for another SNSDKOREAN feature! yay!

I hope you enjoy these videos or rather, appreciate them. Here you have a videos of each member that Aienbest worked hard to individual compile a time line of how much the girls have grown from day one till now. This isn’t just about hair changes (though, seriously, hair is something I debate about in entertainers XD It’s a serious topic!) it’s also to show how much time has passed. The girls are about to hit their second year mark, their 700th day just passed, most of them are turning 20 already, and wow! It just goes to show how much time has passed!

I’ll start from the Seobaby and work my way up to TaeYeon just to shake things up a bit 🙂

And a last one for funsies:

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