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Okay, there’s a lot of posts for me to be doing right now, but I don’t feel like thinking because I just had a very… VERY weird dream. Very. And I’m still a little taken aback from it.

On Tiffany’s schedule, she’ll still be continuing >>Oppa’s Band<< on the weekend.

Lots of TV shows coming. No airdates yet, but they just shot it or are scheduled to.

– Star Golden Bell (all)
– Star King (it’s supposed to be SNSD special, so I think everyone’s gonna be on it)
– Champagne (all?)
– Invincible Saturday (Yoonyul)
– Fantastic Duo (the show with Sooyoung as one of the MCs but Sunny’s gonna be on it too)
– Quiz! Sixth Sense (Soori)

And don’t forget Jessica on Infinite Challenge

Some rumours:

– Jessica will be featuring in MC Mong’s new album.
– Taeyeon will do some collaboration with a girl group?
– YoonYul will make an appearance on I Got an Uncle, and it was shot at a swimming pool.

No, the last one isn’t a joke (thank goodness!) it’s an actual rumor. But for their official July schedule, >>click here<<

Credit: Tama Mama @JPYIP

Here’s a clip of TenTen Radio that Soshisubs7 subbed