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It’s time to lend a helping hand!
A recent project by Soshified and UnclePanda has been completed with success and closed!

QuoteQuote from Soy @ Soshified: Inspired by “Hello Baby”, we want to make a donation out to It’s called “Hansarang Jangae Youngawon (Hansarang Baby Care Center for Disabled Babies)” –http://www.ajang-ajang.or.kr/ under Tiffany’s name for her birthday. Since we’re not planning on getting gifts for Tiffany’s birthday (because we’re focusing on group presents this year), we’re going to ask members to help donate to one paypal account (this works because now with the new personal option you can send money without fees getting deducted) and we can take part in this event. It’s a good cause!

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 So first off, I want to apologize. I have been procrastinating to advertise for this project since I saw the deadline says July 20th, and now it seems like it’s too late to advertise 😦 because Soy says they can only donate $2000 max… for reasons I am unsure of. My guess it’s because the other cafe only raised $2000 too? No clue… so if you’re reading about this and have an urge to donate… 😦 its too late, but you can check out other projects by Soshified or just find a worthy cause in your neighborhood!

I truly am in AWE of these girls. We always hear about how celebs do this and that for charities in North America, but it’s rare to see FANS take INITIATIVE to do it themselves. Props to korean fans for being so hardworking and generous, Props to SNSD for being such great inspiration. I really hope they set a good example for the fans here in other parts of the world!!

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On a side note: I don’t want to offend anyone but seriously… what’s with the name UnclePanda? It sounds.. quite pedo to me ._. or am I thinking too much?