Heh, there are many other nouns I could have used to fill in for kicks when it comes to Sunny…

And in case you get confused, I mean shoes/footwear when I say kicks. Yes, I know, too much slang! I’z sorry.

Words on the shoes
Left top: Sun (from Sunkyu, Sunny’s Korean name)
Left side: Chanel (not sure what’s behind that)
Right top: Kyu (from Sunkyu)
Right side: Shortie, Cutie, I applause you

This picture is from Heechul’s Cyworld Diary. The entry was made on 2009705, which is of course a day when the girls perform on stage.

It was found in the 尊 folder… if that means anything to anyone.
Also, he titled this photo as  호빗이 ( Hobbit) hahaha. What a meanie! If I remember correctly, the girls always said that he teased him a lot. Oh Heechul, you’re just like one of the girls~

The entry (translated below):

순 규 야 생 일 축 하 해 (Sunkyu-ya, Happy Birthday)

But as the art of a professional craftsman, intricately designing what is to be a branded shoe, why aren’t you wearing it

On your next performance of Tell Me Your Wish, Genie, I will confirm if you wear itㄱㄱ

Credit : Superduperlove @wordpress

I always notice that Sunny’s got the best sneakers in SNSD. I can’t find proof now… cuz I’m tired and frankly, I don’t have any saved because I don’t save many pictures… but just take note whenever you see SNSD in casual clothes or on shows. Sunny usually has really cool sneakers on. If anyone wants to provide evidence, link it below and I’ll add it!