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I didn’t want to have to post this, because I totally noticed it while watching the SBS performance with my sister sometime around 3 am last night. (Don’t worry, I’m not an SNSD stalker, I actually like to watch all the performances at music shows if I have the time)

So although I already watched the performance earlier, I told my self to watch it again anyway because I was going in order of performance.

…And that’s when I noticed this…

Note: Again, I originally did NOT want to post this because it seems Korean netizens have been all over Tiffany, accusing her of not wearing any underwear because of the picture I will show below (taken from the SBS Inkigayo performance) and because of >>Yoona’s peep show<< (at MBC Music Core).

Oh, that last one is just to show HyoYeon’s THUNDA THIGHS off.

Okay, so now that you’ve seen the evidence… That’s what Korean netizens have been breaking a sweat raving about. I guess this might actually get more crap than Son Dam Bi showing her panties off for Saturday Night. Either way, I hope Jessica SNSD takes care of Tiffany 😦 I’m sure this will bring back some bad memories…

Whatever, you haters just wish you had one of these!

Junsu, you lucky dog. Wait... Taeyeon too!

Yes. It just jiggled.

Yes. It just jiggled.

…Now that I mention it, I want one of those too!

Sigh, lets not think of depressing thoughts. It’s time to make this post a bit lighter because we know for the next few days, our resident S.T.A.N.D. trolls will be having a ball with this. Time to put away the surrious bidnezz!

Jessica used to have just as much ‘junk in the trunk’, but she wanted to give all that to Tiffany- letting her have the ultimate ass fany pack.
It’s part of their “What’s Yours is Mine” love sharing they have. You guys remember the long list, right?  I guess this is just one more to add!

Credit: sLaVe, Tama Mama @JPHIP