The power of male fans placed SNSD in the 1st place.

According to a survery at a popular music website Monkey3(www.monkey3.co.kr), SNSD’s ‘Tell me your wish’ ranked 1st in numbers of album page view for the 4th week of June, and 52% of those viewers were male.

‘Tell me your wish’ released on the 22nd has gained momentum, and is currently ranked 1st place in real-time charts, total of 6 days.

Staff of Monkey3 states, “More males tend to view the album of ‘Tell me your wish’ than females. This indicates that SNSD has formidable force on the male fans. Although ‘Tell me your wish’ is loved by various male age groups between 10~50, it seems that the loyalty of ‘uncle fans’ between the age of 20~40 has had a serious impact. This shows a paradigm shift from 10~20 year old females, who used to control the entertainment business, to 20~40 males, who now have become formidable consumers as well.

In addition, mini album with the title song ‘Tell me your wish’ was released on the 29th in Monkey3(www.monkey3.co.kr), and ‘Etude’ is top 10, showing overall popularity to all their songs.


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Uhh 52% male… means 48% female. It irks me when people, in this case the original article writer, assume that the SNSD’s popularity comes merely from male fans. Come on, 52% male viewers means that there’s only 4% more males than the females! It’s *surprisingly* pretty balanced between male fans and female fans.

Oh, I don’t know that the infamous ‘uncle fans’ are those who between the age of 20-40. Wait. Is that means… I’ll be an ‘auntie fan’ by next year?! Sigh. I feel old. T_______T