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Don’t you just love CodeMonMon? As many times as this dude has had to change his name cuz of deleted accounts, he always comes back to us fans and gives us something a little more. I’m glad he’s an SNSD fan cuz I can watch such great HD things that he’s whipped up.

Did I mention how much I love how Jessica and Tiffany say DJ together for the performances? It’s totally the part I wait for.

Okay, but I have to say, there is something that still bothers me about the choreography… and it’s that blasted move that’s 2:34 into the video above…. what is that?! Am I the only one who raises my WTF eyebrow? I guess I couldn’t get over that cuz when I saw it in my first view of the MV, it just irked me.

LOL Why do you guys insist on reading me? I totally bitch about everything in Kpop lately. Something’s wrong with me.