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I believe I’m not the only one who disappointed by the not-living-up-to-the-hype choreography of Genie (소원을 말해봐). BUT, after seeing all three performances (and fancams!) of Genie, I actually started to appreciate love the choreography more and more.

The choreography is pretty fluid and definitely not as easy as it seems to be, imo. The legs dance is so cool! Well, it’s Rino Nakasone who choreographed this after all (oh yes, I still believe it’s her. I can see some Beat Freaks’ moves on Genie… even though it’s NOT as awesome and crisp, but somehow Genie reminds me of Beat Freaks’ Womanizer performance on ABDC. I can’t help to think that Genie was like the baby version of it! Or maybe I’m just being weird.)

A lot of people said that the choreo is a lil bit messy, but I think it’s because the choreography is meant to be seen in stationary view, like in fancams… not in multiple-camera view like in gayo shows. This Genie dance cover by “Boy’s Generation” can be an example how Genie is better viewed in stationary mode.

cr: zippomaru1

Sigh. Now I wish SM will release the dance version MV of Genie. :]