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You guys must be pretty scared to read this because I’m posting this and Cindy isn’t, huh? 😀 Does my title scare you even more? Don’t worry. I’d never say anything ‘suggesting’ about Seobaby. She’s still a 12 year old in my eyes anyway! However, because today is a special day, Seobaby’s day, I think it’d be nice to share the story about her birth on the day of her birthday.


Don’t even THINK about it. She’s still young.

June 28th marks a special day in Jessica and Tiffany’s lives because their daughter, Seo Joo Hyun, also known as Seobaby, was born. But what most don’t know is that Jessica and Tiffany aren’t Seobaby’s real birth parents. In fact, Seobaby knows it well herself. She is a genius after all, and her parents would never lie to her. Plus, it’s no question that she shows a striking resemblance to her Uncle Yuri and Aunt Yoona. Though Seobaby will never know the true story of her birth parents, she understands that she was given to Jessica and Tiffany because her birth mother was too young at the time and she had so many things going for her- an acting career, singing, modeling, and she was also a great dancer. Her birth father understood this and decided maybe it was best to give their precious daughter to someone older but also someone they trust.They then decided that co-worker Tiffany, who always wanted a daughter that she could play with, would be a great mother. It was no question that Tiffany’s spouse, Jessica, would be a good provider because of her strong expertise >>in business<<. And thus, Seobaby was given a happy life with her loving family and everyone around knew of such happiness.

Uncle Taeyeon and Aunt Sunny loved to shower her with gifts and food. Aunt Hyoyeon even offers to babysit! Even aunts and uncles from towns over want their children (Nicole from KARA) to play with such a smart and pretty girl. Even princes much older court her!

All was good. That is, until Uncle Soo came. Uncle Soo taught her how to pitch a ball and even how to bat it. Their relationship seemed so clear and untempered. But soon, everyone around town sang in hushed whispers as they began to see a resemblance in height… Who was this Uncle Soo and why was she close to Seobaby and with Yoona and Yuri? Hmm, maybe Seobaby’s story takes a much deeper road than discovered. But for now, she lives a loved and cherished life.

But don’t worry Seobaby. Just dance. Just dance the night away because this is your day. Today is your birthday and you’re surrounded by people who love you.


Okay, so I hope you guys got that I was suggesting that Yoona and Yuri were her real parents. I mean, it makes sense. Yoona is fair skinned, smart, a good student, and just as ‘innocent’ as Seobaby. But then again, Seobaby seems to be like a princess, and where to learn that better from than Tiffany? But where does Seobaby get her Japanese from? Hmmm “Nature Vs. Nurture” they say! Damn, I should just stick to trying to be clever at night, when my brain works better. It’s too early D: