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SNSD’s theme song for their Baby-Sitting JeNy’s Baby show has been revealed! Haha just kidding, I just wanted to add in some old school flava to the post before I move on to the good stuff and update y’all with what’s goin’ on with their new show.

I’ll give you a quick rundown on what happened through a summary I saw floating around the internet.

So basically the girls find out that Tiffany was pregnant with Jessica’s baby but they never knew because Tiffany gave it away before anyone could find out. She didn’t want to jeopardize her career and Jessica knew that they just didn’t have enough time for a child at that time. However, Yoona opens the door and there comes the baby with a note stating that now that the real parents are rich and if the girls have enough time for a puppy, that Tiffany and Jessica have enough of everything they need to be a parent! Tiffany is so shocked that she can’t even look or hold the baby, so they just have her sit down on the couch so she can calm herself. Oh, that and they’re afraid she might drop him (no surprise there!). Jessica is nowhere to be found because she’s ran away from her Daddy duties and she didn’t want to see (or hear) anymore of Tiffany trippin’ out about the whole situation and therefore she just dips. Taeyeon, not only being like Tiffany’s big sister, the leader of the group, and a total good-doer, chases after Jessica for Tiffany. The baby needs a two parents!

They don’t reveal how the first episode will end but I think the ending will reveal Jessica coming back home and realizing she has to take care of this baby with Tiffany because it deserves a good future. And of course, SNSD being so close, encourages and supports the two and tells them that they’ll take care of the baby boy together! Aww, what a happy family! The rest of the show is pretty obvious as you see Don Jessica’s men (the rest of SNSD) take care of the baby for her cuz she’s just got too much surrious bidnezz to take care of and Lady Tiffany (aka, Don Jess’s Princess) shouldn’t have to lift a finger.

Poor Sooyoung šŸ˜¦ It’s hard being second in command isn’t it?

Credit: iPOMz @YT