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The theme is “Infinitely Yours, Seoul,” starting off with a couple walking through the outer city as DBSK showers them with leaves. Then the couple are shopping along the streets in the heart of Seoul and they exam some extremely pretty mannequins in front of a shop in the heart of city. After, we see the SuJu boys starts plugging plugs and the city bridge is lit~ and the couple kiss with another 2 suju boys holding snow blowers over the couple.

30sec CF:

Credits: Zippomaru1

Omg I love it when our girls are ambassadors and get to film CFs. This is like a TRIPLE treat with the Suju and DBSK boys (all we needed was Shinee and it would been perfect!). I wish the zoomcam lasted a few seconds longer on Fany~ her eyes seem so strained though, I wish she did her eye smile at the end instead of the strained eye smile… (When I mean strained eye, I mean the blank eye bulging stare she does.. not sure how to call it really.)

I’m not 100% on this, but I think Seohyun is missing. I see: Soo, Tiff, Sunny (on the floor), Tae, Yoon, Yuri, Sica, and Hyo.