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So in my last >>post<< I gave some information about SNSD’s Baby Making Show Baby Sitting Show but now it’s time to show you some of the goodies!

Credit: prot0980 @YT

Hmmm… don’t those clothes look familiar to anyone? Heh, I guess they were quite busy that day. And if you ask me, those new hairstyles fit perfect for their situation. They do look like a bunch of moms T_T Did I mention how much I don’t like most of the girls’ new hairstyles?

Anyway, back to the video… HA, their faces everytime they said the word “baby” were just priceless. Did anyone else notice that Jessica used the hammer to hit herself? I think she knows that that was the only funny thing she’s ever done without trying to be funny (for those who don’t know: she hit herself over the head by accident on some radio show while trying to be cute). Because if she tried… well she just wouldn’t be funny… Is it just me or does Tiffany look quite awkward about or frightened of the baby… Why is she standing behind Jessica? Tiffany! You’re supposed to show Jessica your motherly skills! DX Seriously, why are you acting like the dude in the relationship, you’re totally throwing me off!

@0:34 – I swear Sooyoung was looking around to see if anyone was looking at her while she begins plotting to eat that baby… Yuri looks like she’ll make a great dad! She’s so excited for her new toy playmate. And I’m sure Yoona is just screaming about how she can’t be a mom at her age; her career is just getting started as an actress! YoSooRi<3

HyoHyun! HyoYeon wanted Seobaby to suck on her nipple… ^_______________________________^

keekee, that’s enough from me before I get in trouble.