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Edit: Helpin’ ferrerorocher9 out by posting pictures or links to pictures! Check it out at the bottom 🙂 All credits to the pictures go to Citra Unni (aka Bellisima) and Tama Mama @JPHIP

Before I get to it, remember to mark Hello Baby On June 22th. According to soshified, the first episode will air on the 22th. The girls will be showing us their mature image of taking care of babies 😀


Anyways, now that Yoona has finished filimg CM, all 9 of them were together again on stage, performing Kissing  You, Girls’ Generation, Gee & Himnae at Dongyang College Festival yesterday. There’s a bunch of fancams & photos, but I haven’t gotten to upload the photos yet :] You can hear the crazy fanboys screaming ❤

individual fancams

credits: joyceeishungee9+prot0980+zippomaru1@YT

hopefully i can upload some pictures from the festival after i finish my research paper for ap chem and start a bit of my english scrapbook project x]


For more photos from the performance, click >>THIS LINK<<. Let it load before scrolling up or down so you can go straight to Reply #544, a post by Tama Mama (aka Tamatron).

Just feel like pointing out that, >>in last night’s performance<<, some of the girls have changed their looks a bit (not to mention that all of them had their make-up on heavier than usual, especially the eyes). Some dye job, hair getting lighter, notably Maknae, whose hair is light brown now ;_;. Tiff got extensions (Hyo too??), longer than usual too. SooRi’s hair seemed to be wavier than how it was usually set.

So, what did they just shoot? I doubt it was just for some magazine since they went as far as dying their hair. New album/single jacket maybe?

Tama Mama