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Edit: Read Ninco‘s (by the way, thanks!) comment below for translations!

F-U-C—– Oh whoops, wrong one. Anyway, I figure since I’ve edited two of our blog poster’s posts, I might as well post an entry myself.

I guess being sick and home-bound has its perks because I’ve been doing nothing but chatting with friends and fangirling (simultaneously!) all day. So I decided to watch some performances from MNET M! Countdown, MBC Music Core, and some from KBS Music Bank… I came across some of K.Will’s after forcing myself to watch watching SHINee’s comeback performances and found some gold!

Now I can’t understand Korean… but from what I got, they just asked how it was working with SNSD’s Yuri and Tiffany for his comeback and I think they asked who he liked better. At the end, he just admitted he really like Seobaby? Haha don’t take my word for it though! I have no clue why Wonder Girls was mentioned; maybe they asked him who he liked and he said SNSD cuz they helped him out so much with the album (?)… Man,  why is Korean so much harder than Japanese?!

Ah K.Will~ I can’t even begin to express how much I love this dude and his talent! And he’s gotten cute over the years too ^___^ What a plus. I guess it’s another plus that he’s also an SNSD fan heehee.

Just in case you were wondering what I was watching that led to the video above, I was watching his of  1초에 한방울performance at Mnet M!Countdown from 2009604

I seriously LOVE this song! His entire (mini?) album was good 😀 and I hear this is gonna be his second single for his comeback which makes me even happier! Too bad it was cute short cuz Dynamic Duo couldn’t do their part 😦

Credits: jaeuraznmv1 + JND402 @YT

Hmmm, speaking of talent…

I had to share this somewhere 😀 Don’t worry, it still has to do with SNSD. I mean, you got Tiff and Yuri’s old school pics on top of the theatre and at the very end, you see Yuri and Tiff hosting ^^; it counts…