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I know y’all are just jumping in your seats for joy (if that’s even possible) and just waiting for SNSD to come out with their new MV. And you know for damn sure, I can’t wait to see it just for the fact that I can’t wait to see SNSD do some of this:

Can’t you just wait to see the girls do some flares, 6-steps, and freezes?! I sure can’t wait!

So while we wait, I’m here to update you every step of the way… or at least as much as I can.

I want to stand firm on my September theory because I just really wanna tell everyone “HAHA, who called it?!” 
But hey, they just made the choreo and the MV so I guess a late June or July comeback is when they decided to do this. And maybe activities will end on 2009909 and they’ll have some sort of fan meeting OR CONCERT!? So maybe I won’t be completely wrong? Hopefully that is. But then again, if the comeback is THIS June, I highly doubt they’ll be ready to learn such a complicated dance routine, a song, and new concept in such short time!

We all know by now that Rino has worked with SHINee before and that just turned out awesome. SHINee is a group made up of dancers and I like to say the same for SNSD (well… except for… teehee) so I’m really hyped to see how they’ll use their dancing skills to do Rino some good. That especially goes for the top four dancers; HyoYeon, Yuri, Yoona, and SooYoung.

My understanding is that Rino and Maryss drove from South Dakota to L.A. on the 25th. meaning that there’s almost no chance they were in Korea on the 26th. Meaning that they probably just made a video showing the choreography and sent it to Korea.

iacus @JPHIP

I think that’s usually how it’s done. If you watch some of the old Morning Musume Asayan episodes they would hand out tapes when they were supposed to learn a new dance. The dancers on the videos would even say the names of who they were supposed to be so that everyone knew that part was theirs.

Plus on the twitter she said they taped the choreography.

zoolander @JPHIP

The old rumour did say that they would be shooting the MV that day, but since Maryys said she was just done shooting the choreography vid for them, maybe it was false. Or maybe they did shoot it but just not the dance parts.

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