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Or maybe it’s in the forest? A park?

>>Full in-in-your-face image here<< Seriously. It’s obnoxious how big it is haha.

I may have pissed off some people in my >>last post<< *coughcough* but it’s only my duty to update y’all, right?! Right.

Ahhh~ Finally~

Want more? Why, sure! have some more 😀

To quote my very own Mama, “I’m having too much fun with this

I love how you have k-drama ballad king, Shin Seung Hun, in the background. He just really brings the mood in haha. Damn, I gotta watch this! UGH but I gotta finish silly Boys Over Flowers first

This is just so LOL and so AWWW at the same time. (Wow, way to express your feelings, Maria).

Credits: Crazy51 @snsdkorean, Tama Mama @JPHIP, iPOMz + nargous @YT