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I wasn’t going to post this since this is an old performance, however True Vision released a TV version of the performance and we no longer have to watch it through fancams.

Is it just me or did Jessica own this? I don’t want to sound bias, and I know TaeYeon is the lead singer and all… but I don’t know, I just hear Jessica more? Maybe I am suffering from a little bit of belief bias but whatever.

Anyway, can someone PLEASE answer my age old question and tell me who does the “wooooo” notes? I heard it again in Into The New World at 4:05. Now is that TaeYeon, Seohyeon, or Jessica? I’m trying to listen to the harmony for the chorus and see who I don’t hear… but it’s not working out for me so well because my left ear decides it wants to be silly today.

From what I recall, people said this performance was a negative one. Either the antis were acting retarded again (and no, I’m not using that term loosely because antis are retards, just look at S.T.A.N.D. they’re probably here, stalking this blog site so they can find something to pick at and update themselves with SNSD’s every move but yet, they call themselves SNSD’s No.1 Antis. ugh, now I’ve got myself going. Must stop.) and people forgot to bring their sticks to smack them back into shape or the girls didn’t perform as well as they used to. Well I’m still paused at 4:05 because I’m trying to figure out who the hell is doing that note… So you tell me! So far the performance hasn’t been bad… Then again, I watched the first four minutes two days ago ^_^; and have yet to finish it.

And in case you were wondering, this performance was on 20081004 for Asia’s Song Festival.

Credits: Zippomaru @YT + Seo_Juhyun @soshifanclub