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Okay, so I don’t know if you guys remember me sharing my theory (and of course, backing it up) about SNSD coming back in September. Well… I might be wrong? And this time, it’s hard to deny. Actually, I don’t want to deny it… beucase only the coolest thing has happened!

If you guys watch America’s Best Dance Crew (like I used to before Kaba Modern got jipped)  then you might be familiar with the awesome girl crew, Beat Freakz. Now like I said, I stopped watching ABDC, however my best friend (who happens to be a b-boy/hip hop dance advocate) was totally in love with this group and showed me thse girls. She had me compare this group with the others, and they were easily in the top two imo. I’m not 100% on this, but they did make it to the final two, whether they won first or took second is still unknown to me cuz I’ve yet to skim watch the final episode.

I fell in love wiht this crew’s PERSONALITY as well. As you may or may not know, I’m a Filipina (mixed with Chinese and Spanish) and it just so happens that Rino (Japanese who married a Filipinio) and Maryss (the French girl who married/dated a Filipino) were two amazing dancers who represented their own country and mine. Plus, these girls are just puckin’ crazy XD and funny and totally represent for Girl Power. Just like SNSD! One of their dancers is a mom and she’s the lead breaker (break dancer) and she loves to show that girls, no matter what age, can still break it down on the dance floor.

Anyway, the point of this post (and the reason why I’m totally not doing my homework and studying for finals this whole week) is that these awesome hip hop choreographers are helping to choreograph SNSD’s new music video! I SERIOUSLY hope HyoYeon is gonna enjoy this and have her own hip hop frenzy time in the new MV or performances cuz of the help of Rino. Rino also used to dance for Gwen Steffani’s Harajuku Girls and rumour has it that she used to dance for BoA (or was in a crew with a girl who used to dance for BoA). So this girl has been all around Asia and more!

Now there’s a rumour that they’re gonna have a photoshoot for the cover jacket on the 19th and MV shooting on the 26th.

Sorry if this is a repeated comment, BUT Beat Freakz Rino is doing Choreography for SNSD? I’m soo looking forward to it!!!

중뷁이라면 미안하지만 Beat Freakz Rino가 소녀시대 안무를 하고 있어? 기대되는군!!!

Just got done taping choreography for Korean group Girls’ Generation, @rinokinawa did the choreography

소녀시대의 안무 녹화 마쳤음, @rinokinawa가 안무를 했음

*From Maryys’s Twitter*

Beat Freakz Rino(혹은 @rinokinawa)는 누군지 검색 좀 해봐야겠네욤…

이 모든 이야기의 출처는 soompi.com

Sdfsfaeewfesghytsref! Which translates to… YAY~

Credits: my homiez at JPHIP

Hmmm… a lil part of me wants something a lil like this:


But that’s Kaba Modern/Kababayan 😦

God, do I love the arts.

You really can’t beat SM. I mean, they had Justine Timberlake’s choreographers, Nick Bass and Trent Dickens do SUPER JUNIOR’S SORRY SORRY choreography and now they got the amazing Beak Freaks to do SNSD’s. And if I recall correctly, wasn’t there also famous choreographers who have helped and said a lot of good about BoA and DBSK?