credits; soshisubs7

Just SooFany’s cut when they worked bts with The Blue. I love the way Soo is sitting on the couch near the beginning of the video, arms stretched out, so chill…and..so reminds me of Maria’s stupid theories -_-

Love how the girls are doing the voice imitations with the lyrics, ah so cute. enjoy the short clip!

And also, if youre a fan of coldplay or even just the song “Viva La Vida” continue reading this post. If not, go ahead and comment and move on (:

So on Thursday, I lied to my parents and went out and saw Coldplay live with my friend. She shot a pretty good vid of them playing Viva La Vida, so heres the video. Wont be embedding, just linking directly.
Theres some other clips from coldplay and two other videos from different bands we saw earlier last month. yes i do have other music artists that i love apart from snsd (: