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Who doesn’t love a lil skin? You know, that skin that’s just so teasing? That skin that only shows a little bit of it in places you want to see more of.

Ah, skin.

Teehee… so I noticed that Jessica decided to give half her shirt to Tiffany again.

Ok so far the list is:
Jessica cut off half her hair to make extensions for Tiffany.
Jessica lost a lot of weight to give it to Tiffany to stay warm.
Jessica takes half of her shirt to show her stomach (to us) but to also make long ones for Tiffany.
Jessica talks less for Tiffany to say more.
Jessica demands everyone’s lollipops for Tiffany to eat well and never hunger.
Jessica gives Tiffany some water so she doesn’t thirst.
Jessica shares her buddy Yuri so Tiffany’s never lonely when Jessica’s not there 😀

Oh, the Don is just so generous!
Keekeekee ^_________^ I wasn’t planning on saying that last one, but Cindy‘s >>unfaithfulness<< in the comment section provoked me to.

Our Don is so giving ;_;

Because sharing really is caring.

Credit: Zippomaru + Aienbest @YT