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Miero Beauty N released a 2-minutes clip of SNSD, entitled as “Beauty N Diary 24 Teaser Film”. I don’t know what teaser it is for… so for now, just enjoy the clip!

cr: zippomaru

There’s no Yoona nor Hyoyeon in this clip 😦
But at least we got a JeNy moment~! (0:11-0:13)


…but then after the one precious JeNy moment above, it went into bunch of YulTi moments.
Is YulTi officially the new trend now? Because recently there’s also a self-camera pic of them in a pose that will make Jessica jealous LOL. MuCore really makes them much closer…

YulTi selcacredits: nixx@ssf

Aww… they look adorable together! But JeNy is still my OTP though :I