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Before I talk about an SNSD comeback, let’s talk about G.O.D’s Kim Tae Woo’s comeback.

Fresh off his mandatory Korean Military Duties, Kim Tae Woo is planning to OFFICLALLY release his own cover of the 2009 hit, Gee! I’m sure SNSD and E-tribe are estatic since Kim Tae Woo, aside from the already famous group (G.O.D.), is pretty famous himself.

Fancams:   youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kCAW8HeFXc | youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_lUlpXaxfY

You have no idea how much I love this version. Whenever I forget the lyrics of Gee, I have to slow it down a bit and I always seem to go back to this version (or Lyn’s). Oh, I’m such a sucker for R&B!

Watch out for this release on May 30th (the day of his birthday!), 11 days after the release of his comeback digi-single releasing on May 19th. Fans are expecting another performance of Gee and his comeback songs in his “Words I Wish to Say” comeback concert taking place on May 26th and May 31st.

Credits: Zippomaru + vcplay @Youtube


Anyway, enough with my promoting 😀 Let’s move onto SNSD! This is still SNSDKOREAN after all, right? *checks*

For those of you who have been stalking JPHIP’s SNSD General Discussion thread, this may already be old news to you. But for those who don’t, let me just recap my Nostradomus-like awesomeness.

So my Tama Mama brought forth a rumor that would make anyone happy, ‘cept I found a flaw.

There seems to be a rumour that thei new (mini?) album will be out next month, the source is some reliable fan or something. What do you guys think? Isn’t it a bit too soon? Gee is still a hit, plus SHINee’s new mini will be out later this month. They’re gonna make their 2 groups competing with each other?

However, I said

Highly doubt that. LSM is too smart to do something like that… and with his pattern, I can almost predict what’s going to happen.

SNSD came back in January. Two months later, Super Junior came back in March (but before SHINee’s comeback, Super Junior comes out with a second single). Two months after Super Junior’s comeback, SHINee will come back later this May.
My prediction is that he will have SNSD come back in July (probably around Seobaby’s birthday, but definitely before Tiff’s birthday) and either END or choose a second single to do on September 09, 2009 (2009/9/09). Why? Because almost two months after Super Junior’s come back when someone else should have come back, they released something new. SNSD talked about how bad they felt that they never got to promote something else (well that’s because Gee fuckin’ owned first half of 09). So I really have a good feeling that they’ll make a second come back in September before someone else comes back (CSJH!!!!! because if you keep up with their JPHIP thread, you’d know why).

However, she countered (because she’s feisty like dat)

Now there’s a rumour that they’re gonna have a photoshoot for the cover jacket on the 19th and MV shooting on the 26th. Hope it’s not true!

And of course, I can’t back down so I said,

Liar. I’m right! You can’t tell me I’m wrong!

Ahem… SHINee’s having a comeback too! And if you keep up with their thread on JPHIP, you’d know what I think about it. One word: KRYSTAL!

Credits: Owaranai_sLaVe/sLaVe/O_sLaVe + Tama Mama (Tamatron) @>>JPHIP<<