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>>READ this first<< to understand what’s below.

HaHaHaWhen will they ever learn? And by they, I mean the leaders of the League are so irresponsible! But then again, when will netizens ever learn? Well, it’s a good thing it’s theory story clarification time!

I have a perfect explanation for this of course, being that I’m the PR for all things related to this topic.

The reason why DBSK couldn’t make it to Hollywood Bowl this year was because they realized from last year’s experience how much of an uproar they caused when both forces were in the same location at the same time. Why do you think DBSK works in Japan most of the time while SNSD roams Korea and the U.S.? They can’t be in the same place at the same time because they have to keep track of their league. With the growing population of their kind in Korea, and the already populated amount in Japan, do I even have to mention America? So of coures, the two needs to be covering the bases! So when would these two ever be together? Besides the fact that they would never be anyway, given the circumstances of their titles. So the truth is, they’re not because can’t be! They’re too busy leading their kind!

I mean, do I need anymore proof?! What kind of man >>opens a beauty spa<< if they’re not… Okay, maybe I should stop generalizing but still. You know where I’m going with this.

And that picture?! Why is it that THOSE two are the only ones wearing bottomless PJs for easy access? I mean, they’re probably the least cutest type of sleep wear, but I’m sure Jessica’s division of the League decided how much more convenient it was so the two decided to do some subliminal advertising.

How much more evidence do I have to reveal?

Oh and for those wondering about TaeSu (Taeyeon and Junsu) and assumed that that was the reason why DBSK and SNSD couldn’t share the same stage… Well those two are legit so I’m sure they were a small fraction of this decision. However, if you’re wondering, if Taeyeon were part of this League, Sunny would be very happy. But it’s okay Sunny! You have HyoYeon! …if she’s already not too busy trying to convince asexual Seobaby…