Sooyoung of SNSD will be making an appearance as a batter for the Samsung vs. Dusan baseball game on the 15th.

In celebration of Teacher’s Day also designated as ‘Joongahng University Day’ which is on the 15th, Sooyoung will be cheering the teams during the game at Jamsil Stadium.

This celebratory event was created to get not just the college students and staff, but also all related workers of Joongahn University Hospital and middle/high school students of that region to come to Jamsil Stadium in order to cheer on the Dusan Bears. The total estimated number of invited audience is 6,100 people.

The celebratory pitching for ‘Joongahng University Day’ will be done by the vice principal of Joongahng University, and Sooyoung of SNSD, who is currently a student at the theater department of Joongahng University will be in charge of the celebratory batting.

One the other hand the Dusan group has become one family with Joongahng University after numerous community service activities and donations to the school on May 14th of last year.

Credits: newsen.com
Translation: k_Taevid @ soshified.com

While I think this is cool, here’s an even better idea: invite all 9 girls to form their own team and have them play an exhibition game vs. the Dusan Bears. THAT will fill all 6100 seats and more for sure. Am I right or am I right?