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She sings “Running” here by SES. Nearly escaped failure! Yuri is there too by her side, and I saw ShinDong too! Yuri is sporting a pretty black and white piece which reminds me of a giraffe print, while Fany wears bombshell red poofy layered dress o_o.. not a big fan of the dress but the colour is fantastic on her and her hair is fabulous today.

I wonder if Yuri sang or if there were more songs by them… I’ll snoop around..meanwhile enjoy!

Credits: mushroomfany @ youtube & source

*update* Oooh so Yuri did sing too! She sings a trot song and did fabulous, then she also sang a slower song (ballad?) with some vocal difficulties, but being super Yuri she hitted some of the notes beautifully ❤ a special treat for you Yuri fans who don’t get to hear her sing solos too often. There’s also a cut here which has a guy singing gee, it’s very funny!

1000 Song Challenge – SNSD Part 1/2

1000 Song Challenge – SNSD Part 2/2

Credits: f1am3on @ youtube & source