tiffany-204Yes, the time has arrived for the appreciation week of our Mushroom baby ❤ *claps* (not to mention I’ve stopped being lazy and procrastinating on this..)

Out of all the members, I think Tiff has definitely evolved the most. You know how like…in Mario games, you eat that mushroom and you grow adn evolve, well that is totally Tiffany 🙂 Or maybe I’m just crazy.

She started off as the girl with teh short hair, capturing everyone’s hearts with that adorable eye smile of hers (1st picture). Ah yes the killer smile that I’m pretty sure killed you all..ADMIT IT. Even Maria cant help but fall for her charms now hehe.

Not only is she cute..but shes a pretty huge dork. Her and her fail paper airplane skills…EPIC moment 😀 I swear I’ll never get sick of it.

Personally my all time favorite hair style on the girl is pigtails. Just so damn cute <33.

Okay so far we have a cute short haired girl..slowly growing..and her hair starts to get longer and she can officially have pigtails. And now the fourth picture, the hair is officially long now..and I swear the sexy side is starting to reveal itself too. The TOP perf…well need I say more? Hot shtuff. (but i really wanted to use the NOW performance pic/gifs..but I couldnt find any 😦 )

The next pic was chosen by maria..and I have to admit I digs the picture. (DO NOT.TELL THEM WHY YOU CHOSE IT. dammit) Anyway the picture speaks for itself. Oh how I love gee outfits.

And lastly…is the famous Goobe Chicken diary pj photoshoot. No comment but the picture again speaks for itself.

Enjoy looking at the Mushroom for the next week!

Sorry guys I am no creative writer -_- This is exactly why I’m in Yearbook and not Creative Writing. Much more straightforward and its easier to create interesting stories in yearbook.

Took out the members that have already been upped (: Lets be fair guys!