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SO CUTE! I never knew Tae and Younha were friends! Myevery is offically the luckiest fan ever -_-

myevery‘s fan account from mcountdown 11/6

Just like last week, they let us in at 6, and everyone went in.. (although there were alot of empty seats)

When we went in, we saw other singers deep in their rehearsals~

I went to the same spot as last week, to the left where the singers enter a little bit in the middle.

I kept thinking “What is maknae going to do this time when Taengoo is singing? That was the only thing on my mind haha

Finally my sunshine Taengoo appeared in the waiting area >__<
Ah~ Kim Taengoo.. with black stockings and brown tone clothes.. Gah..

She stood by herself for a while, just watching the performances and so I got all worried that maknae wouldn’t be coming..
But after 1~2 minutes.. shalalalalalalalalalalalala two people came out.. +_+

Ing? Two people… what’s… what’s this… who are you.. and then I realized it was our loveable Kwon Yuri!!!!!!!!!!!!! (she came again all right~)

Last week Yuri came wearing casual clothes, but this week she was dressed completely like a princess..
I guess she had a schedule before.

And of course, our maknaeng looked like a goddess.. Ah.. our loveable babies.. T_T

The three of them talked playfully and then they waved their hands over to our fan side~ They were so close to me, I was so nervous..
I was really close to the stage this time, you see.. +_+

Taeyeon’s turn was coming up, so she went little by little to the stage side and Yul-Hyun followed along behind her..

I thought maybe Yul-Hyun would go on the stage and perform too? But that wasn’t true lol

They watched Taengoo go on the stage and they went into audience mode……………. hahahaha

I don’t know what was making Kwon Yuri sooo happy but she was just holding on to maknae and following along to Taengoo’s posture and pretending like she was playing the piano lol

While Taeyeon was singing
Yuri came over to the fan’s side and waved both her hands at us……… haha (and next to her cutie Seohyun followed her)
You know that thing that you do during ballad songs~ haha we followed along to that too..

Since they were there, I seriously could not decide whether I should be watching Taeyeon or watching Yul-Hyun..
My eyes were going back and forth between them.. Haha…

I’m really sorry to Taeyeon but… I don’t even remember how she sang the song lol
I could not take my eyes away from the kids.. how could the song register into my ears.. I guess I’ll have to watch the video after I finish writing this.. lol

In between parts, we shouted out “KIM TAEYEON” and Taeyeon kept smiling happily at the sound lol

Ah.. I really love it..


I didn’t know how it happened but the song ended…
Our Taeyeon waved her hands at the fans and then left the stage
I think she was in a really good mood♥

And then Yuri and maknae went and told her how good she was and hugged her and they were about to go .. to the dressing room…
Ah.. that little ggoggoma girl hahahahaha She grabbed onto Yuri’s shoulders and hung on there and went into the dressing room hahahahahaha
Ah.. so cuteeeee………. T____T Yul-Taeng fans really liked that

Our lovely ggoggoma kept waving her hands way up high so the fans could see them until we couldn’t see the girls anymore >__<

Our girls do such great fan service.. the time passed by way too quickly

Suddenly the two MCs came out right in front of where we were (where the Bi fans were)
made a few comments and then
Bi’s performance started…
the other singers started coming out so I knew that they were going to announce the first place so I knew the kids were going to come out again!
And so I kept looking to where they would come and and thenn… of course ^^;

Our Taengoo and Yuri came out in the back~ haha and had a conversation with the Shinee boys that were there ^^
But where is our maknae?… maybe since she’s a student, she had to study.. T__T

Right then.. out of nowhere another ggoggo ma appeared.
I doubted my eyes at first.
I wanted them so so so so much to be close friends and it was… that.. that… Younha!!!!!!!!!

Younha suddenly apeared and Taeyeon whoooosh!!!!! hugged her soo closely…
It’s the first time I’ve seen something like this.. I never knew they were so close.. tears almost came out of my eyes.

But Taengoo…. isn’t Younha your unnie..? hahahahahaha

You can just behave like that to your unnie?^^ hahahahaha oh my goodness hahahahahaha

Our Yuri was quickly replaced… sorry.. (but she kept having a fun time with the Shinee boys haha)

Finally Bi’s performance ended and all the performers started to come on stage..
Yuri didn’t know what she was supposed to do so she just stood there and heheehe laughed.

… and then Taeyeon dragged her out on stage ^^*

But Yuri didn’t protest to being out on the stage either hahahahha

Ah seriously hahahahahhahahahahha

She didn’t even perform but Yuri was standing on the stage when they announced the first place hahahahaha

Ah our wonderful Yuri hahahahahah

Taeyeon seemed to be really happy that Yuri was there too and she kept laughing as well hahaha when she’s the one that brought her out.

Yul-Taeng and Younha were standing there together and probably since Yuri and Younha aren’t close..
Taeyeon wanted them to get to know each other..
So she stood in the middle of them too and then.. she slipped out.

I was sad at first because I wanted them to all be together..

… just kidding ^^

The truth is.. Kim Taeyeon just wanted to show off her strength……. hahaha

I mean, she’s the dongseng but she just keeps behaving like that to her unnie? hahaha

Younha was standing there in the middle when suddenly! whoooosh! Taeyeon grabbed her and hugged her from behind again.. (she was so unprepared for the hug that Younha almost fell over haha)
and then Taeyeon positioned her to her right.

and our Yuri.. Yuri.. was with them too ^^; Taeyeon in the middle

The first place was announced and then POP! the confetti that comes out to congratulate them started falling from the ceiling..

These kids.. why do they like things falling from the ceiling so much? hahahahah

Especially Kim Taeyeon….. Why are you grabbing them? hahahahaha

Usually singers just brush off the ones that land on their hair.
But this kid, she just couldn’t stand still.. hahahahhaah
she kept grabbing at the ones falling around her.. and next to her Kwon Yuri helped her too.. haha I had no words to say hahaha

Taeyeon and Yuri were grabbing at the confetti and then Younha too^^; joined in.. hahahahha
Younha I’m sure has a childlike side as well .. but she doesn’t really show that side on tv.. hahaha

Younha kept picking up all the confetti falling around..

And then put them all onto Taeyeon’s head hahahahahahahahha

Ah hahahahahahaha
Did Taengoo make Younha act like this… oh my goodness hahaha

Seriously, they play so well hahaha ah haha
I was so happy that they were so close that I almost died haha

She put some around her neck too^^ hahahaha that’s not a scarf, kids..

They finally left in that state.. hahaha

Younha and Taeyeon left holding hands hahahahah

And our Yuri.. Our Yuri… Taeyeon took care of her as they left the stage ^^ hahah

And that’s how our kids’ broadcast ended ♥
I would’ve been so sad if I didn’t go to this one haha

Taeng-Yul-Hyun I love youuu -3- (+ and Younha too.. ♥)

taken from myevery‘s post on sosiz
translations credits to boxclub@www.soshified.com/forums

I swear myevery goes to ever snsd related thing! So lucky :[ Yuri was hilarious, going up on stage with Tae hahahaha. Aww Tae clinging onto her shoulders..man this account was filled with cuteness I cant even list em all out. Fan girl spazzz hahah. These girls and their confetti…I swear theyre so dorky (: