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Just when you think that it is safe to venture out again into the big wide world; wham ! Singapore SONEs get hit with more TaeTiSeo goodness in the newsstands. Coming hot on the heels of their recent promotions in Korea, Soshi’s newest sub-unit gets featured in the July issue of “Teens” magazine, a Singapore publication that showcases the latest trends in the music and film entertainment industries.

As evidence of their success in the K-Pop music industry, TaeTiSeo has been given the privilege of being the cover story for this newest issue of this entertainment magazine :).

In the article, the writer gives a glowing account of the successes of the 9 Soshi ladies in general, and focuses on the 3 “earthly angels” of TaeTiSeo in particular ;).

Their musical style in this new mini-album has been liken to that of Stevie Wonder, a well-known musician/song writer and 80’s entertainment icon. Principal to this is “Twinkle”, the cover song and title of this mini-album. The writer also gives a glowing account of the other songs in this EP release from SM Entertainment, calling them sassy and trend-setting.

In fact, according to the article writer, the choice of songs in this SNSD sub-unit EP actually showcases the vocal abilities of the 3 Soshi ladies extremely well, a fact not lost to the music-loving public world-wide, as evidenced by the coveted Triple Crown win on all the major music programmes in Korea the month that they were promoting the album’s title song “Twinkle” :D.

The article finally ends with a short, sweet, but, oh so informative, “thumb-nail” analysis of our 3 Soshi ladies; a real joy to read indeed :).

As a bonus, a review of the “Twinkle” mini-album is also included in this issue of the magazine, and I must say that it gives a really enthusiastic overview of this latest musical gem from Soshi and SM Entertainment.

So, without further ado, read-on for the verbatim magazine article itself and enjoy 😆 !

The Review Article For The “Twinkle” Mini-Album

By: Kenneth@snsdkorean.com

Sources: Teens magazine