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A few weeks ago, Sooyoung officially opted out of the Korean drama ‘Speed’. However, the hardworking girl is back with a new leading role in tvN’s, ‘The 3rd Hospital’.

The announcement was made on March 20th with Sooyoung being announced as one of the 4 leads alongside Kim Minjung (Thornbirds, Stranger than Paradise), Oh Jiho (Chuno, Fugitive Plan B), and Kim Seungwoo (Miss Ripley, Iris, Win Win). These 4 actors will be playing distinct roles, with the two males leads playing doctors who are at odds with regards to medical methodology. Kim Minjung plays a neurosurgeon, while Sooyoung takes the role of a character outside of the medical field.

The main focus of the plot will revolve around the two doctors (Kim Seungwoo, Oh Jiho) who work at the same alternative care hospital that allows their doctors to use different medical practices to treat their patients. While one doctor uses traditional eastern methods, another brings a more westernized approach with the two doctors squaring off to see which one is superior.

Additionally, the four main characters (which includes Sooyoung), will be involved in a love-square relationship (sigh, more love squares a.k.a Fashion King).

Sooyoung plays the role of ‘Wee Jin’, a violist (viola player) and will show off a charm and side of her that we have never seen before. For those of you who have not seen Sooyoung’s Viola/Violin skills, feel free to checkout the clip below, shared by nukem384.

Credits: yegrina@Fanwonder.com, MoonSoshi9@SSF, redsteamhenshin@youtube, Sooyoung@Tumblr