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Today, March 14th, is White Day in Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan.  It’s a holiday celebrated one month after Valentine’s Day, where the men give usually candy, not chocolate to the women to return the favor from Valentine’s Day.  I guess a bit reversed from out here in the West, where usually the men give the women chocolate on Valentine’s Day, but technicalities you know.

Along with the selca, Tiffany wrote “doo ddoo roo doo ddoo^^*Today is certainly a day to listen to Kissing You! happy white day SONE; ps! I’m really sorry… for not sending you candy xoxo, myong( -_-…….).”

Aww…it’s ok, maybe next time you can send some candy!  Isn’t she looking cute with her huge lollipop and rosy pink cheeks?  I think so!  And of course it’d have to be rosy pink, not rosy red because we know how Tiffany rolls!

I guess out here in the West, we’ll just have to settle for Pi Day!  If you’re not a math guru, March 14th is also Pi Day here in America.  Like 3.14 Pi.  Go get yourself a lovely, tasty pie.  Or send me some apple pie :D.

Credits: girlsgeneration.smtown, taenacity for the translation