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In conjunction with Taeyeon’s 24th (23rd) birthday, a Chinese man named Chung Ho Lok decided to donate 309 dictionaries to Nanjiang Xian, Sichuan Province.

He said, “I have made a donation of 309 dictionaries to Nanjiang Xian, Sichuan Province. I do not have the skills to make videos, write great birthday messages or even a way to see Taeyeon in person. Therefore, in celebration of Taeyeon’s birthday, I’ve been thinking of doing this for quite some time. Although I feel sad that I couldn’t see the happy faces of the children who must be wondering who Taeyeon is, I’m thankful to Taeyeon who gave me the inspiration to do this.”

That is very kind of him to donate much needed educational books to the province! He definitely gets super bonus points for that one!  Let’s hope karma comes around like it should and awards him for his admirable efforts!

Credits: fanwonder.com