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Remember the announcement from LG Electronics on the 16th of January 2012 that stated the Girls will be promoting the company’s new line of Cinema 3D televisions ? Well, it seems the CF for the stated product is finally released for the general public’s enjoyment ;).

LG Electronics has recently released a series of 4 CFs to advertise their new Cinema 3D TV, utilizing the talents of our 9 favourite ladies, as well as the charms of well-known Korean actor Won Bin, to showcase the product.

For the CFs involving the Girls, scenes from their latest hit release “The Boys” music video were used. Each CF showcases the beauty of 3 of our lovely ladies from SNSD, establishing, without a doubt, the overt advantages of watching Girls in 3D :lol:.

As for myself, I kind of prefer the 4th CF with Won Bin as the main TV character in focus. Why ? Well, I think All 9 ladies look really cute with the 3D glasses on, and the expressions on their faces, when Won Bin “jumps out” of the television screen at them, is priceless to behold :D.

Do check out the CFs below and enjoy, my fellow SK SONEs !

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: LG Electronics, Yurui86@youtube.com, LetsGo@soshified.com,  letaengbutt@soshified.com, cedge@soshified.com