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+ Added images of the Girls at the launch of the promotional event.

Our Girls have done it again, getting another product endorsement deal from a big-name Korean electronics firm. LG Electronics has recently signed-up our favourite 9 ladies as the advertising image for their new Cinema 3D TV product line :D. This news was announced on the 16th of January 2012.

With Girls’ Generation slowly, but surely, gaining worldwide popularity in recent times, LG Electronics hopes that by getting them to be the “face” for their new Cinema 3D TV product range, the concept of 3D TV will automatically be associated with LG, thus securing their place in the global electronics market.

The creative advertising director in-charge of brand communication for the project, Mr. Han Woonghyun, had this to say on the matter: “With Girls’ Generation’s image as the leading group of Hallyu, we will solidify a newly upgraded LG Cinema 3D TV image.”

LG Electronics plan to launch a whole slew of advertising promotional activities this year, utilizing the talents of our 9 ladies from SNSD, plus the charms of model and actor, Won BIn, in order to ensure that the brand of LG stays first and foremost in the minds of consumers when it comes to 3D television, thus securing their share of the market worldwide. SNSD Jjang !


The promotional event was launched earlier this morning (19-1-2012) and featured our favourite 9 ladies at their gorgeous best :lol:. It certainly looks like sales of the new LG 3D television sets are going to skyrocket to unprecedented levels soon ! 

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by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

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