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What ?!! You mean the great Harry Potter has finally been “defeated” by a greater source of magic than what he possesses, the great “Chosen One” of lore 😉 ! Well, of course, if it is none other than the “Power of 9” from Soshi 😆 !

Daniel Radcliffe, of “Harry Potter” fame was recently introduced to the charms of our favourite 9 earthly angels by a Korean crew member, who gave him a copy of the “Mr. Taxi” repackaged album, during the movie premiere of “Woman In Black”, in which he has a starring role.

Having never heard of the Girls before, much less listened to any K-Pop music, he nonetheless thanked the giver and proceeded to scrutinize the CD carefully.

As expected, the charms of our favourite “eye smiles” lady caught his eye immediately and Daniel proceeded to vote Tiffany the prettiest member of Girls’ Generation.

However, on further scrutiny, he opined that Taeyeon looks equally as beautiful, unknowingly making him a Taeny shipper :D.

Daniel Radcliffe then stated that he would like to know more about this K-Pop phenomenon called “Girls’ Generation” that’s currently taking the music world by storm.

All this was revealed on a recent television episode of ABC’s “LIVE! with Kelly”.

Well, “Mr. Potter”, you may have defeated Voldemort and his Death Eaters in the “Harry Potter” series, but it looks like you have met your match here, as nobody is able to stand against the charms of Soshi’s “Power of 9” 😆 !

Would you believe that they even managed to get him to speak some Korean, such is their influence on all who come in contact with them (check out the video below). The power of the 9 ladies to convert anyone into a SONE is truly amazing indeed. SNSD Jjang !

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean.com

sources: nocutnews.co.kr, variouskpop@youtube.com, Taengfan@fanwonder.com, corneliayuan@soshified.com