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I’m sure all of you had a similar reaction to THIS when you watched the last preview. Well my fellow SONE brethren…. Pick up your pitchforks! Light your flaming torches! After seeing the next preview…. I say it’s about time we go on a rampage!!  I kid… but judging from my reaction as a fanGIRL, my heart goes out to all you fanboys out there… hug a pillow or something. 🙂

Episode 10 Preview


Episode 9 cuts (unsubbed) Part 1 / Part 2         (This post will be updated once subs are available)

The following is my personal opinion, but to those who are getting all hyped up about the drama “using” Jessica to boost ratings, please think throughly before spouting nonsense. The plot and cast for the drama would have been set ages ago, and Jessica’s character actually has a significant role in the storyline. Its not as if they casted her with a small cameo appearance where she makes out with the main lead just to get higher ratings. -__- Also, the drama is pretty decent, if you have time, do watch it properly. 🙂 ciao~


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