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As we all know, the 9 ladies of SNSD have been contracted to be spokespersons for the J. Estina range of bags and fashion accessories. Well, recently our favourite ladies did a short promotional campaign photoshoot to advertise the brands’ new Spring/Summer collection of bags and fashion accessories.

As an adjunct to that, J.Estina has recently released a new promotional CF video featuring our 9 elegant ladies showing off the best of the ranges’ bags and accessories. Get ready for some visual overload here, guys and gals, for I can honestly tell you here that the ladies look positively gorgeous and angelic here in this video production :lol:.

The CF video manages to showcase each of the ladies highlighting a specific piece or pieces of J.Estina’s new range of accessories, and add just that extra dash of Soshi goodness for that extra oomph :D. Check out the actual video below and see if you agree with me on this point.

Of course, the Girls being the perpetual fun-loving people that they are, they always take every opportunity available to show this off, and this case is no exception. Check out the BTS video below for some good-old Soshi dorkiness and fun 🙂 . Enjoy !

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean.com

sources: jestinacom@youtube.com, taengsoshi@soshified.com, michaelroni@soshified.com