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As every SONE knows, Tiffany recently had her stage debut on the musical “Fame”. Well, as in life, all good things must come to an end. So it was with Tiffany’s involvement with the stage musical “Fame”, where she played the role of Carmen Diaz, an ambitious performing arts student with big dreams of overnight success in the entertainment arena.

Well, a month on, following her debut stage performance, Tiffany finally ended her involvement with the “Fame” musical stage on the 29th of January 2012. Well, such a momentous occasion should not go unmarked and the awesome K-SONEs did not disappoint here again.

To mark the end of her stage debut, these hardworking and enterprising fans prepared a cake outside the musical’s performance venue and surrounded it with candles arranged in a heart shape (how sweet ;)).

When our dear “eye-smiles” lady emerged from the venue’s exit, she was wildly cheered by all the SONEs and fans in attendance. Amid loud applause from all around, Tiffany blew out the candle on the cake and exclaimed “Saranghaeyo!”. She promised all present that she would continue to strive harder in the future for her fans.

Befitting a proper musical stage personality, the path to her transport back to the dorm was lined with a red carpet, the sides illuminated again with a row of candles, all courtesy again of the hardworking K-SONEs. As always, our dear Tiffany provided ample fan-service even as she left the venue for home by turning around and waving a few times to the cheering fans who were present there.

Congratulations, Tiffany, for your very successful first debut stage performance, and we hope to see more such performances from you soon. Tiffany Jjang !

(Check out the videos below for the full recorded details on the actual event.)

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean.com

sources: sosiz, Klaina9@youtube.com, YuriGallery@youtube.com, michaelroni@soshified.com