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Netizens have found a letter written by Taeyeon’s oppa Jiwoong from a while ago.

The post was titled “Taeyeon’s Older Brother’s Photo, Handsome Gentleman.”  Her 25 year old brother Jiwoong shares many facial distinctions with our kid leader.  Look at those eyes in the picture on the right!  It’s Taeng in boy version!  I guess we also know where Taeng got her dorkiness from :P.

The message read, “Ever since I got into middle school, you were already mature and, at least in thought, you were like the eldest sister of the house, determined and professional. Even when you were living far away on your own, you always had a stoic and level-headed mindset that always made me bow my head to you (editors note: in respect).

The letter goes on, “My confidence in you is at 200%. You are my little sister, so I believe that you will do well. Your family is always standing by your side. I love you.”

Netizens were thrilled with this news and commented, “Taeyeon’s brother has a soft spot for his little sister. I am jealous of Taeyeon for having such a brother and of Jiwoong for having such a sister,” and “As expected, Taeyeon has always been a well-mannered girl from the start. I am very jealous of the siblings’ relationship.”

Awww, what a good and loving oppa!  Big bros out there, take note of this and treat and spoil your little yeo ja (girl) dongsaeng’s!

Credits: billboard.co.kr, oniontaker@soshified, taengsoshi@soshified, michaelroni@soshified