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On January 19th, our ladies attended the 21st High1 Seoul Music Awards!

During the show they won 2 awards!  First was the Bonsang, which is award to the top 10 artists (top 12 this year) of the year based on album and digital sales, online voting, and judges decisions to determine the top 10 (12).  Well, our ladies definitely deserve this award with their breakthrough in Japan last year and debut US album!

The second award was the Popularity Award, which they won together with Lee Seunggi.  I think our girls are pretty popular don’t you? ;P.  In their acceptance speeches, our girls did make sure to thank us SONEs for our continued support, along with the usual suspects of SM, their managers and SMA organizers.  Congrats to our girls!

They also performed “The Boys” at the awards show.

Bonsang Award acceptance

Popularity Award acceptance

Credits: letaengbutt, moonsoshi9, oniontaker@soshified