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On January 14th, the girls were seen entering Incheon Int’l Airport on their way to Hong Kong for another concert off their 2nd Asia Tour.  This one is scheduled for the 15th at the AsiaWorld-Expo.  As always, the girl’s looked pretty and fashionable in their outfits, but a little something was different this time…

Hyoyeon being the choding and comedian she is, decided she wanted to advertise her J.ESTINA bag more than usual, showing it proudly to the media waiting at the airport.  As we know, SNSD are the new spokes model’s for J.ESTINA, so I’m sure the executives at J.ESTINA are quite happy Kim choding decided to make the money they are paying the girl’s worth it!  Haha.

Credits: wonderfulgeneration.net, sonems.net